Thursday, April 24

My love.. I shall live no longer...

This is the first ever poem written by me. Hope you like it.

My Love... I shall live no longer...

If not for
the sparkle in your eyes
the magic in your look
the freshness of your breath
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the beautiful smile of yours
the sweetness of your words
the innocence in your face
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the warmth in your skin
the tenderness in your touch
the honesty in your acts
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the compassion you show to me
the joy you bring to me everyday
the completeness you bring to my life
my love, I shall live no longer

-- Rajesh Batta --

Wednesday, April 16

A Rare sight indeed!

Those of you who have seen peacocks will agree with me when i say : peacocks are perfect blend of beauty n grace, such a pleasant sight to the eyes! no wonder, anyone who sees it will immediately fall in love with it .. such is its beauty and splendor..

I am very fortunate to be getting a glimpse, not only glimpse but a full close view of that beauty almost everyday in my University : Hyderabad Central University .Usually we see peacocks which are rich in green,violet,golden colors.
The following picture(first one) is taken in our university(thanks to my friend Jai Kumar for this photo).

But a pure white peacock is equally a delight to eyes, with its simple innocent pure delicate white color.

I never knew that white peacocks existed.. only recently (an year back!!)i had a chance of seeing them in Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad.

Tuesday, April 1

All about Blog

This blog is going to be a reflection of inner me! I am going to put down my thoughts and experiences on various things, such as things which inspired me, things which gave so much joy to me, things which made me laugh, things which left me sour memories ,things which amazed me,my hobbies etc.. the motto behind starting this blog is with a feeling that what ever things which inspired me and made me learn many things in life may be helpful to others!!

I will be very glad to receive any comments, suggestions(positive or negative) from you.