Friday, May 9

What will you do?

Just yesterday i was watching a Telugu movie called CHAKRAM(not a new movie, may be 2-3 years old). In the movie Hero comes to know that he has blood cancer just minutes before his marriage!! Being a doctor himself he realizes he has not more than two months left in his life. I am not going to tell the whole story now, thats not my interest here. But what he does in those two months caught my attention.

Little bit of background: In the Flashback, he is a very good,famous doctor in US,and he wants to come back to India and start a super specialty hospital in India for all the poor and needy , everything free of cost. With the help and commitment from some of his colleagues(friends) he comes back to India and proposes the plan to his parents, and to his and everyone's delight they agree and appreciate his plan, and ready to invest in the project! then the marriage scene.....

Having a great ideals of serving the poor, he decides to do something in the two months he has got(because he wont be there when the hospital turns out to be a reality!). He decides that He wants to make people happy , and see a smile in their faces! This is an important dialog he has:
Compared to the problem of dying , all the small, petty problems people have in their lives are very very small. I wanted to start a hospital and serve the poor and see them happy, but now i don't have that much time. So i decided to solve the small problems of these people and make them happy.
He will be solving the problems of people (from kids to elders) n make them happy. What impressed me more was ,the small time he is left with , he wanted to spend time helping others,and wanted to be of some help to others!!

Imagine yourself, rather put yourself in that hero's position.
You know that you have only about 2 months left of your precious life, what will you do in those two months?
  • Will you think of helping others like the hero ?
  • will you just say, man i have only 2 months, let me enjoy the full time all to myself?
  • will you keep grieving over the little time you are left with?
  • will you keep cursing the god for being so unfair to you?