Tuesday, February 3

Transitions in Life

Every one in their lives will surely undergo many transitions. Right from the stage we are infants till we die these transitions are part n parcel of our life. The first transition in our life is the transition from innocent infant stage to the cheeky child stage, then from a playful child to a student life, then changing schools, moving from school to college, college to university, then student life to responsible working life, being single to becoming a married person, and so on....
In the process of these transitions we may loose many things very near and dear to us as well as gain many things. Take the example of moving from school to college, here we lose many of our old friends and may have to leave our parents, place n stay in hostel in a new location, amidst new people, and in the process we gain lot of new friends, and meet wonderful people.

Even though there are many transitions in life, according to me, there are two
major/important transitions a person undergoes in life.

1) Change from College life to Working life.
2) From being bachelor to a married person.

About the second one I am not the correct person to talk about. Because I haven’t reached that phase in my life still. First transition is the one I am currently going through. Even though this transition is not new for me (because I had been to this transition earlier also!), the conditions are totally different from the previous instance.

Recently many thoughts were going through my mind about this, disturbing me, making me mad at times!, and giving rise to mixed feelings, feelings that I am missing something and also at the same time gaining something more worthy. So I decided to come out of this confusing state of mind and put a break to these uneasy feelings. After a serious thought, I found many answers to this. If I look at the both phases (college life n working life) I could find many similarities and also differences.

As far as the learning is concerned, it’s a continuous process throughout our lives. However, what we study and learn in our college life is important because that’s gonna fetch us marks/grades and also shape our future. Similarly what we learn in the initial phase of working life will lay the foundation for our future position.

In College life we have full freedom, time for fun, n its enjoyable and cherishable, whereas working life is little restricted, added responsibilities, and could become monotonous at times!. In College life we are dependent (financially) on someone, and in working life totally independent, we make our penny.

Many feel we lose our freedom once we get into working life. That’s true to some extent! In college we can bunk classes when ever we want n enjoy life, but obviously while working we can’t afford to do that, because we are getting paid for every hour we work and have responsibility of finishing the work in time. Work is the one which is fetching us bread and butter. I.e. we earn our bread and butter by working, whereas in college someone else is paying for our bread n butter. So obviously we got to be more responsible. Not only the matter of money, college life is going to decide only our own future, no one or nothing else is affected by it. But in case of working life our performance is not only gonna affect us, but in effect gonna effect the firm v work for also.

But are we really losing out on our happiness here? Is it because in college we have variety of things to do, not only just studying? But in working life we feel bored of doing the same kind of work??

One thing everyone has to remember is many things in life never remain the same, even as we grow up our tastes, likings change. The joy we got as a child playing with toys, seeing cartoons, won’t experience the same kind of joy now. Simply because we have changed with time, and life also changes with time. Obviously we can’t expect the same kind of things in every phase of our lives. If life remains same for ever then what’s the fun?!! So changes in life are must and unavoidable. The important thing to note here is once we start enjoying what we do then life becomes different, looks totally new, appealing, and refreshing.

After all this brain storming, I realized an important truth of life. That is:

Key to Happiness in life is Enjoying What ever we do!