Saturday, July 2

Fear factor

Do you get tensed before doing any task and end up goofing up that task?  Before you make any presentation or giving a talk, do you think about it so much and end up screwing it up?  Do you get nervous before going to a new place and fear about it?

If you have any of the above qualms, then the reason for all such feelings is FEAR.  Fear of the unknown, fear of what’s going to happen,  which brings the person down, and makes him inefficient. The amount of fear in a person which can hinder the person’s efficiency can be called as fear factor. This fear factor often works in a destructive way if  you don’t  realize. This fear factor can be turned in to constructive nature by putting a conscious effort.

The best way to kill the fear is by Action – David J Schwartz  in the book Magic of thinking Big.

Very true, the best way u can get over fear is to take action about it. For example, if you have a stage fear to deliver talks or make presentations in front of the audience, the best way you can get over it is to give more talks and presentations. This initial fear is only a psychological barrier. It only takes that starting hurdle to be crossed to reach great heights in life. Once you take that first step and fight that fear it can never ever affect you again. This first step increases your confidence which can work wonders for you  in your next talk.

Fear factor actually is very helpful and good, if you make it work for you in a constructive way. Take the same example of giving talks, having fear that how am I going to deliver it, taken in a positive way, makes  you work more towards it, makes you analyze your audience and  guess their expectations from the talk  which in turn makes you prepare your content of the talk that can impress the audience. This same fear makes you work hard to excel in that task.

The word FEAR itself gives us inspiration to overcome it as mentioned below:
F - Fight
E - Endlessly
A - As to
R - Restore confidence